Frequently Asked Questions!

Edge-to-edge quilting, also known as Pantograph, is a quilting design that covers the entire quilt, regardless of quilt pattern, borders or sashings. The pattern is repeated several times throughout each row. This type of quilting is excellent for quilts that will be used regularly.

Custom quilting can mean a variety of styles and the price varies on the intricacy of the pattern chosen. With a custom design multiple patterns are used to enhance the quilt.

Owner/operator Denice Kuhns does the actual quilting. Design assistance is given by her daughter, Allison. We just love our Gammill quilting machine, which is guided by the computerized Statler Precision Stitcher, because the quilting is so precise and it has so few problems. We can also create our own quilting designs!

That depends somewhat on the quilting design that you choose. Fullness in a quilt top is best “disguised” by selecting a design that meanders over the whole quilt without crossing back over itself. We will try to minimize the fullness so that your quilt will be as free of puckers, pleats and tucks as your piecing will allow.

The quilting charge includes the actual machine quilting only.

Honeycomb Quilts is located in western Kansas, in Meade. We are at the intersection of Highway 54 and Highway 23, approximately 2.5 hours west of Wichita, KS and 40 miles east of Liberal, KS.

The width of the quilt can’t exceed 144 inches, and the length of the quilt is without limit.

The backing for your quilt will have a zipper attached to the head and foot ends and will be zipped onto the quilting machine. The quilt top is attached to a zippered leader at the foot end, and basted to a leader at the head end. If your border is pieced, please remember to stay stitch a scant quarter inch around the outer edge to prevent the seams from pulling or stretching.

Batting is your personal preference, but for infant and children quilts we recommend using 100% cotton batting or bamboo. Polyester is essentially spun plastic and, in case of fire, it will quickly melt and burn the child. Natural batting (cotton, wool, bamboo) will not ignite as easily providing at least some degree of protection. We currently carry Warm Blend (80% cotton, 20% poly), Warm & Natural (100% cotton) and Bamboo (natural). Cotton battings “breathe” and are somewhat heavier, while polyester batting is lighter weight and tends to be warmer because it does not “breathe” like cotton, and natural batting is lightweight.

You are welcome to provide your own batting however we do not allow the use of plush batting. No pieced batting will be accepted.

If you are providing your own backing or batting, it must be 6-8 inches longer and wider than the quilt top measurements. This allows for a gentle pull on the quilt top which enables the quilt to lie as flat as possible during the quilting process. It is better to have too much backing & batting than not enough. Please have your backing “squared”. This means that the head and foot measurements are the same as well as both sides being the same length. Also, remove the selvage edges from your backing as they cause puckering during the quilting process.

We ship using USPS. The cost is variable depending upon your zip code and the weight of your parcel. The rate we charge includes insurance.

Payments can be made with a debit/credit card through our processor, Stripe. When we receive your quilt we will send you an e-mail invoice with the actual cost. Included in the e-mail will be an invoice that can be paid directly from the invoice through Square.

Can I contact Honeycomb Quilts?

Mailing address:
Honeycomb Quilts
PO Box 310; 115 W. Carthage St.
Meade, KS 67864
Phone: (620) 873-5456 (option 8) or use the Contact Us Page