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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year….

Anyone that knows me knows I go a little bit overboard for Christmas…especially snowmen, villages, trees – okay pretty much everything that has to do with Christmas and the birth of Christ. This week has been just like Christmas at the quilt store, as most of our Christmas fabrics have arrived!! I am head over heals excited and immediately designed and made this ‘Welcome Winter’ quilt. It still needs the final border as I have been debating what fabric to use…decisions, decisions.

My next project is going to be the Old Pickup Line by Jan Shade Beach. Got some starting points but have to tweak the pattern just a touch to fit the fabrics. Hope to have it complete this weekend…you know, if life doesn’t get in the way of my sewing time.

All the new fabric will be on the shelves this weekend – had to build (well, have my husband and son build) some new racks for it all. There’s LOTS of knew fabric in stock – so if you haven’t come in and browsed in awhile, stop in and see me!!

Happy sewing!!