Back to the Basics

It’s been years since I have done any type of sewing but quilting. Going back to the basics was not as easy as I thought it would be. My grandson is in Kindergarten and he is part of a basketball team for our community. They get to play games on six Saturday’s. My granddaughter is 18 months younger and is too young to participate so I decided I would make her a cheerleading outfit – I mean how hard could it be?? I had my mom’s old pattern from when she made one for my daughter, making it a bit nostalgic for me to do.

Only one problem…sizes have changed in the past 30 years. Of course I waited until the last minute to get going on it…but I work much better under pressure. Hahaha. I measured Hannah on Wednesday and needed the completed outfit by Saturday. I got it cut out and sewn that night, but it looked a bit plain.

I had ordered some trim that I thought would make good striping but decided I would create it into an “M”.

It looked decent but needed a little bling. What little girls doesn’t want bling? So I had also purchased some rhinestone trim and decided it would make a nice finish to the outfit.

It needs a bit of fine tuning – the neck is just too deep. I need to take it up a couple inches at the shoulders but here is the finished beaming little girl with her friend at the game.

That little smile makes everything worth it!! Happy sewing 🙂