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Does it get any better than hearing your granddaughter say, “Let’s sew grandma”? It’s like music to my ears hearing her little plea and this week we started a ‘real’ project. She has been sewing on my lap since she was born but this is her project. She is making a quilt for herself that we are going to put fluffy fabric (cuddle) on the back of.

I did the cutting as my granddaughter is only 4. Yes, I said 4. Maybe too young, but desire beyond her years. Our school colors are purple and white but they have added black to the uniform mix so we did too. I cut 6-1/2″ square of the 3 colors and let Hannah help me design the quilt on the wall. She quickly picked up on the pattern, explaining to me that the white squares go under the black, the white go under the purple and black squares go under the white. She beamed with enthusiasm as she placed each square.

As I started to pull her little sewing machine out of the box I caught a glimpse of a Janome on the shelf. I just upgraded and my smaller model was just sitting. I asked Hannah if she would like to use it? She very quickly responded that “It’s my sewing machine now. I have a real sewing machine!” Once again beaming from ear to ear. I explained where all the buttons are – the presser foot release, the start/stop, the speed, and of course the scissors. She drank it all in and asked if it was time to sew. We gathered up the first row and she proudly, but cautiously, sewed each seam. I pressed the row (but next time we will do it together.

Being 4, that was the extent of her attention span. So next time she comes we will work on another row, and another until it is ready for the longer machine. What a treasure spending time sharing and teaching a love of mine to the sweetest little girl in the world.

And then….her 5 year old brother entered the room. He quickly informed me that he wanted to make a real quilt too. So he went to the stash and picked his fabric and layer out his plan. A little evening up the edges by grandma and he was off and sewing. He decided he only needed 1 block so he is  “finished” with his project..

Oh the joys of being a grandma. I pray they will always love being creative and spending time with me.

Have a blessed week!