Makeover…Quilt Store Style

I was looking back through photos on my phone and I can’t believe the changes we have made in Honeycomb Quilts in the past 6 years. What a blessing God has provided my family. Just so you have a peek at what was behind the scenes…here are a few photos of the original walls.

Let me explain…I thought the racks my son built would be there FOREVER. I know, I know. Never in my world is anything permanent…as much as my construction guys (husband and son) prefer it would.

So Spring Break brought a new member to the family (we added Arizona to our Gammill computerized longarm family – joining Colorado and Illinois) as well as a major renovation to make room for the new addition. It took longer than we thought (doesn’t it always?”) but it has been soooo worth the long days. Here’s a sneak peek of the new space…

Meet Colorado (first picture left and in second picture back left), Arizona (first picture right and in second picture back right) and Illinois (second picture in front).

We also created a waiting area, complete with complimentary coffee and water (to keep those spouses and non-quilting friends occupied 🙂

Driving through? Live in the area? Stop in and check us out. We love getting to know new people and hearing about all the places far and wide.

Have a blessed week…