B etween customers, quilting, newspaper business and grandkids it sometimes appears to be utter chaos at Honeycomb Quilts. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love having little helpers underfoot, at least most of the time. I keep dreaming of how much better my granddaughter, Hannah Jo, will be at quilting than I am and it truly excites me. She sits on my lap while I sew and her feet go nighty to nothing with excitement. And Harrison has his own little ‘iron’ that doesn’t get heated up to press his fabric.

We still manage to accomplish business amongst the chaos so come in and browse around and enjoy a ‘hi’ or two or three from Harrison.

This week’s project is creating a t-shirt quilt for a very special college girl. I always enjoy being a part of special projects that tell a little history of life. Can’t wait to share the finished product once it gets complete.

Here’s wishing you a Happy Easter and a weekend full of family, fun, and sewing!