2019 – New Year…New Styles

What a busy start to the new year. As I was looking around the store to see what needed to be addressed it hit me that  2 quilts I had displayed need to come down and there were tons of holes from quilts I’ve sold and not replaced. In total 8-9 quilt ‘vacancies’. That got my adrenaline going to say the least and I have been working my sewing machine over time. I have made 6 (some original designs) in the past 2 weeks. Here’s a look at a few of them.


My Longarm (Bessie) has also been going strong with customer quilts but hopefully I will get some of mine in the mix soon. I have 1,000’s of patterns for both edge-to-edge (all over) designs as well as custom. I am not a paisley girl, but this cute little baby quilt looks so sweet with the pale pink paisley design.

This is another customer custom quilt done with 2-colors of thread. The black and white design are so striking.

Next I will be working on an appliqué project using wool curlers (9″x16″ pieces). I have never worked with hand dyed wool before so wish me luck!

Happy Sewing and stop by and see what’s new!

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