Pumpkin Spice and Orange Leaves….

I am so excited for fall. My diffuser has Thieves and Cloves going and it smells so yummy. I am sure enjoying the brisk mornings and sleeping with the window open, now if it would just stay cool all day long!  I am working on some cloth napkins for my fall table.

I think they are going to look so cute at family dinners and will work right through Thanksgiving (when it will be time for CHRISTMAS).

The longarm (Bessie) has been stitching away. I can’t decide what I like more. Designing and making quilts or turning other people’s creations into treasures  (with batting and thread). I hope I never loose that feeling I get when I put a quilt on the quilting machine and it turns into a real quilt!

This Saturday is ‘National Sew a Jelly Roll Day’. We will be in the classroom celebrating and making a beginner friendly quilt. I can’t wait! The sound of machines, chatter and laughter — there’s nothing like it. Check out our class schedule on our events page and come join us.

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