Counting my Blessings

What a state our world is in. I find myself trying to find a new ‘normal’ and failing with the ever changing requirements. I joke with my family often that I could easily be a hermit, but people come in to visit the store and my social needs are met. These days…not so much. With the Governor ordering us to close business doors I am working to meet my customers needs. In regards to that I have had my ever helpful husband build a closet in the back of my store. It has a lock and the combination changes with each client, as does disinfecting. This will allow customers to arrange pick up of their quilts and fabric orders as well as drop of quilt tops without coming face-to-face contact. (Wow, I never thought I would ever have to ‘say’ those words – but safety first.)

Now, back to my blessings. I am so grateful and blessed that I have such amazing customers. I miss each and every one of you. You truly have become friends and family and I miss our conversations and am looking forward the day they return. I am already planning the opening party.

I am also thankful for a mother that taught me to sew. Every quilt I put on my longarm machines give me joy as they become a treasure. I hope that feeling never goes away.

I enjoyed the weekend sewing with my daughter, something we don’t normally have time to do. It was a very relaxing, fun weekend and I feel so blessed to have a hobby that we can share. A quilt she created is now available online in a pre-cut kit featuring Dreamweaver fabric from Riley Blake Designs.


I hope everyone is staying safe and can enjoy the slower pace. Don’t forget to check in with friends and family to make sure everyone is holding up physically and mentally. I for one am finding the mental a bit of challenge. Gratefully I have some great friends that make the quarantine easier. I am ready for open doors and windows and welcoming spring. I can’t wait for the last spring to adorn the front of our building with color and flowers.

God’s blessings and protection to all of you. Stay safe and sew 🙂

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