Stitch Pink for October

I am super excited to get going on the Stitch Pink sampler quilt from Moda. I was told I wouldn’t receive my fabric until mid-October but it came in ‘early’. I will be busy making up a sample but let’s be honest – life gets in the way and I will be playing catch up throughout the month. Anyone else have that issue?  I will be keeping the patterns on my hard drive and can print them as needed and whenever needed (I’m kind of a hoarder of patterns and never delete any of them).

Kits are available for this great tribute for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I like that it is all pink but not ribbons. My granddaughter Hannah is going to love this quilt as pink is her favorite color (along with purple). My plan is to find a worthy recipient to bless with it. I’m thinking a little minky back and it will be perfect for someone going through the battle.

Limited kits are available – so don’t delay. Let me know to set one back for you today!!

Happy sewing and stay well ~~Denice

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