My grandson turned five (how can that be???) on February 26th and we decided to take the party on the road to my parents’ house. It was a great time filled with four generations of memories and laughter, which is a treasure in itself, but not the biggest treasure of the night.

My mom is a quilter and shared her passion with me and my daughter so it was no surprise that we found quilt books on the table to browse through. That led to a trip to her sewing room and that is where the treasure comes in. While looking around the room my eye caught a stack of finished quilts under the cutting table. Being a longarmer I quickly inquired why they had not made their way to my store to be quilted. I was not prepared for the answer. They were quilts made by my great grandmother. A true treasure.

I quickly retrieved the stack and with pure joy looked through the “find”. My great grandmother was born in 1892 and passed away in December of 1972 when I was 6 years old. I have amazing memories of her and was blessed with her China for a lasting memory. I also have two amazing quilts from her, one being a grandmothers flower garden (a honeycomb pattern). It hangs on my wall in the store.

On to my new treasures.


The fabrics are true vintage and the patterns are timeless. My favorite is the double wedding ring.

My daughter looked at the quilt and stated, “I was going to say those are 30’s reproduction prints but they are actually 30’s prints.”

My great grandmother was never afraid of color and these treasures show it.


I also adore this simple turquoise and white project.

Rounding out the family heirlooms is a colorful quilt that shows my great grandmother’s love of piecing.

She always hand quilted her quilts and hope she isn’t looking down on me with her stern look as I prepare them for the longarm. Hopefully she is smiling knowing how much this piece of history truly means to me.  More updates as I get them quilted.

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