I Can’t Believe It’s 2022

With all that has gone on in the world the last couple of years they seem to have just flown by. I can’t be the only one that feels like I never have enough time in my day to complete all my projects. I told my husband I feel like I am a juggler with 6-7 balls in the air. I am really good at keeping 5 in play but those last 1 or 2 just seem to slide. They vary on which I drop but I always seem to drop something. So my theme for 2022 is “Be Realistic”. I always take a couple weeks around Christmas. It is usually so cold that running the heater in our large store just doesn’t pay and I get to take some down time and set goals and get excited for the new year. This year I barely left my sewing room. It was a glorious two weeks of creating and letting go of all “have to’s”.

I started the time off with a t-shirt project for a Marine. I was going to say previous, but my husband is a Marine and “Once a Marine, always a Marine.” It required some creative blocks to complete and turned out being one of my favorite projects so far.

Second was to finish a project I started while having to take time off for gall bladder surgery. I was dreading all the tree blocks but decided to wing it and not go with the template and it turned out beautifully. It sparkles and shines and will be kitted this week for the store.

After such a detailed project with the trees I needed a little “mindless sewing” as my daughter calls it. I used a Pocket Pattern (we have an exclusive contract with the company) that utilizes strip piecing. It was fun, fast and made an adorable quilt.

Being the owner of a quilt store takes a lot of creating. Every time I get boxes from Moda, Riley Blake, Robert Kaufman and all the other companies it means it’s time to sew. I received the line Grace from Moda around Christmas so I took a charm pack and made a soft and sweet, quick baby quilt.

I also received the line “A Little Dr. Seuss” so I made a sample for my store. It is now available as kits in the store.

My final project of the week took some creating thinking. I love old hymns. I listen to them in my store every day on either piano or old country singers. They just bless my soul and make me happy. I have the line Songbook from Moda that features old hymns in pianos. I have been stumped over what to do with it but I finally came up with a design. I am doing my least favorite part now…writing the pattern so I can kit it. Here is a sneak preview of the design…watch for it this week in the store.

Now it’s Monday morning and I’m back to work. That means it’s longarming time on my two Gammills. Enjoy your week and I would love to see what all of you have been creating.

Longarm Services

Did you know we offer longarm services on our two Gammill with Statler (computer driven) longarm machines? We do everything from all over (edge-to-edge – E2E) to full custom. Our E2E is very economical with our current turnaround times at 4-6 weeks. Our charge is 1.5 cents per square inch. Just take your width times your length and take that times a penny-and-a-half to see the estimated cost. We do have a $5 flat thread charge. We use Glide thread and have a huge selection of colors, including some variegated. Custom starts at 5 cents per inch and has up to a 6 month turnaround.

We offer 3 kinds of batting. Warm Blend (80/20), Warm Cotton, and Bamboo. If you choose to select from our batting it will be an additional charge.

Our fabric side of the business also has a selection of 108″ batting, 90″ cuddle/minky, and 60″ cuddle/minky. You can view the options online in our store.

We take quilts through our brick and mortar store as well as through the mail. For mail customers we contact you via text with a selection of options for patterns as well as thread (unless you have pre-selected from our pattern section.)

We have 8 years experience longarming and can provide references upon request. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and strive to enhance our customers pieced tops with quality quilting. Feel free to contact us with any questions.


My grandson turned five (how can that be???) on February 26th and we decided to take the party on the road to my parents’ house. It was a great time filled with four generations of memories and laughter, which is a treasure in itself, but not the biggest treasure of the night.

My mom is a quilter and shared her passion with me and my daughter so it was no surprise that we found quilt books on the table to browse through. That led to a trip to her sewing room and that is where the treasure comes in. While looking around the room my eye caught a stack of finished quilts under the cutting table. Being a longarmer I quickly inquired why they had not made their way to my store to be quilted. I was not prepared for the answer. They were quilts made by my great grandmother. A true treasure.

I quickly retrieved the stack and with pure joy looked through the “find”. My great grandmother was born in 1892 and passed away in December of 1972 when I was 6 years old. I have amazing memories of her and was blessed with her China for a lasting memory. I also have two amazing quilts from her, one being a grandmothers flower garden (a honeycomb pattern). It hangs on my wall in the store.

On to my new treasures.


The fabrics are true vintage and the patterns are timeless. My favorite is the double wedding ring.

My daughter looked at the quilt and stated, “I was going to say those are 30’s reproduction prints but they are actually 30’s prints.”

My great grandmother was never afraid of color and these treasures show it.


I also adore this simple turquoise and white project.

Rounding out the family heirlooms is a colorful quilt that shows my great grandmother’s love of piecing.

She always hand quilted her quilts and hope she isn’t looking down on me with her stern look as I prepare them for the longarm. Hopefully she is smiling knowing how much this piece of history truly means to me.  More updates as I get them quilted.

Stitch Pink for October

I am super excited to get going on the Stitch Pink sampler quilt from Moda. I was told I wouldn’t receive my fabric until mid-October but it came in ‘early’. I will be busy making up a sample but let’s be honest – life gets in the way and I will be playing catch up throughout the month. Anyone else have that issue?  I will be keeping the patterns on my hard drive and can print them as needed and whenever needed (I’m kind of a hoarder of patterns and never delete any of them).

Kits are available for this great tribute for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I like that it is all pink but not ribbons. My granddaughter Hannah is going to love this quilt as pink is her favorite color (along with purple). My plan is to find a worthy recipient to bless with it. I’m thinking a little minky back and it will be perfect for someone going through the battle.

Limited kits are available – so don’t delay. Let me know to set one back for you today!!

Happy sewing and stay well ~~Denice

Counting my Blessings

What a state our world is in. I find myself trying to find a new ‘normal’ and failing with the ever changing requirements. I joke with my family often that I could easily be a hermit, but people come in to visit the store and my social needs are met. These days…not so much. With the Governor ordering us to close business doors I am working to meet my customers needs. In regards to that I have had my ever helpful husband build a closet in the back of my store. It has a lock and the combination changes with each client, as does disinfecting. This will allow customers to arrange pick up of their quilts and fabric orders as well as drop of quilt tops without coming face-to-face contact. (Wow, I never thought I would ever have to ‘say’ those words – but safety first.)

Now, back to my blessings. I am so grateful and blessed that I have such amazing customers. I miss each and every one of you. You truly have become friends and family and I miss our conversations and am looking forward the day they return. I am already planning the opening party.

I am also thankful for a mother that taught me to sew. Every quilt I put on my longarm machines give me joy as they become a treasure. I hope that feeling never goes away.

I enjoyed the weekend sewing with my daughter, something we don’t normally have time to do. It was a very relaxing, fun weekend and I feel so blessed to have a hobby that we can share. A quilt she created is now available online in a pre-cut kit featuring Dreamweaver fabric from Riley Blake Designs.


I hope everyone is staying safe and can enjoy the slower pace. Don’t forget to check in with friends and family to make sure everyone is holding up physically and mentally. I for one am finding the mental a bit of challenge. Gratefully I have some great friends that make the quarantine easier. I am ready for open doors and windows and welcoming spring. I can’t wait for the last spring to adorn the front of our building with color and flowers.

God’s blessings and protection to all of you. Stay safe and sew 🙂

Rose Gold for Valentine’s Day

I’m not one for sparkly fabric but Yes Please by Jen Alyson for Riley Blake Designs has just a hint of rose gold like my iPhone and how can you go wrong with that. It also has an adorable black, white and rose gold plaid that sparked my design side so I had to come up with a project.

Here’s a look at the fabric…

…see what I mean? Adorable.

I decided it was time to trade out a Christmas table runner with something more timely so I went searching for a pattern. I found one in a quilt magazine and got busy on Friday.

It has a four patch base, which makes it go together pretty quickly.

I chain pieced, even though my Janome has scissors built in, to speed the block construction up.

I got all my blocks put together…finally. I think I spent more time un-sewing (better known as ripping) than I did sewing. Some days just seem to go that way no matter how much experience you have quilting/sewing. Maybe I should read the pattern just a touch closer and not got by the pictures.

Thanks to my better half I have a huge design wall in my sewing room that allows me to make sure I have projects right before I trim and finish.

This is what the table runner looked like prior to trimming. The pattern also gave a bonus placemat pattern utilizing the trimmed pieces so it was a win, win.

My finished Friday project is ready for quilting and I’m on to a jelly roll pattern by Moda’s Corey Yoder using Sugarcreek.

New Year…New Goals

I can’t believe how fast 2019 came and went. I’ve started out 2020 with some specific goal setting, including more blogging on my website. So here goes…

Anyone else have trouble with prioritizing? It feels I can keep my house clean, or the store clean but when I put both together it just ends in chaos. Guess the house may not be as clean in 2020. Hahaha. Priorities. 2020 is going to be the year of completing projects and creating new items from our gorgeous fabric lines. I love the scrappy look but have yet to make a scrappy quilt. That’s one of the first things we will be changing. Get ready for some adorable scrappy quilt kits.

Over Christmas I made myself a flannel king size quilt for my bed from layer cakes. No cutting and just randomly selecting squares. My kind of quick and easy quilt. Have I got it on the longarm yet? Heaven’s no. My quilts are always the last on the schedule. 🙁

On my list of projects is a couple of adorable quilts from Poppie Cotton’s Wanderings and Farmhouse Gingham and a quilt for the bed in the apartment in the back of the store from our new Riley Blake Designs line Gingham Farm.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress. First I need to finish a quilt for a friend out of some grey and dark red flannel…

There’s always a project on my sewing table…and sometimes 2 or 6. When I first started quilting I was very determined to not have more than one quilt purchased or going at a time. Hahaha. That lasted one quilt. I always have more ideas than I do time these days. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Guess it’s time to get quilting…Until next time

2019 – New Year…New Styles

What a busy start to the new year. As I was looking around the store to see what needed to be addressed it hit me that  2 quilts I had displayed need to come down and there were tons of holes from quilts I’ve sold and not replaced. In total 8-9 quilt ‘vacancies’. That got my adrenaline going to say the least and I have been working my sewing machine over time. I have made 6 (some original designs) in the past 2 weeks. Here’s a look at a few of them.


My Longarm (Bessie) has also been going strong with customer quilts but hopefully I will get some of mine in the mix soon. I have 1,000’s of patterns for both edge-to-edge (all over) designs as well as custom. I am not a paisley girl, but this cute little baby quilt looks so sweet with the pale pink paisley design.

This is another customer custom quilt done with 2-colors of thread. The black and white design are so striking.

Next I will be working on an appliqué project using wool curlers (9″x16″ pieces). I have never worked with hand dyed wool before so wish me luck!

Happy Sewing and stop by and see what’s new!

Pumpkin Spice and Orange Leaves….

I am so excited for fall. My diffuser has Thieves and Cloves going and it smells so yummy. I am sure enjoying the brisk mornings and sleeping with the window open, now if it would just stay cool all day long!  I am working on some cloth napkins for my fall table.

I think they are going to look so cute at family dinners and will work right through Thanksgiving (when it will be time for CHRISTMAS).

The longarm (Bessie) has been stitching away. I can’t decide what I like more. Designing and making quilts or turning other people’s creations into treasures  (with batting and thread). I hope I never loose that feeling I get when I put a quilt on the quilting machine and it turns into a real quilt!

This Saturday is ‘National Sew a Jelly Roll Day’. We will be in the classroom celebrating and making a beginner friendly quilt. I can’t wait! The sound of machines, chatter and laughter — there’s nothing like it. Check out our class schedule on our events page and come join us.

We’re ONE!!!

To say I love what I do would be an understatement…in fact it took me some looking to discover when we opened our doors. I’m happy to say it’s been a year of making my dream come true. When I started quilting (thanks to my wonderful mom) it was love at first stitch. I dreamed of making it my “job” and a year ago it became a reality. I still dabble in the newspapers we own, and watch my two wonderful grand babies, but I also get to sew all day every day. What a JOY!

This is my latest project that features some of my favorite Bible verses. I love the floral fabric and the reminder that we all need to trust in the Lord.

I also made a couple of Jayhawk quilts. Matching Jayhawk and Baby Jay quilts for some great people. I am not a huge college sport fan but I love appliqué.

Another favorite is the old truck Christmas quilt. I love antiques, red and EVERYTHING Christmas and I get it all in one quilt with this fabric line. I got to do a little paper piecing as well, which is not something I do everyday. Learning and expanding my skills is always challenging but something I truly enjoy.

Thank you to all my customers (online and in-store) for a great first year. I can’t wait to see what comes in the second year and look forward to many more classes, fun times and new projects.

Happy sewing!!